A collective

Not a Label

Visual Artists

At NextWave Music, our visual artists produce the perfect image for each of our vocalists. Raw talent is honed and perfected to create an aesthetic that matches the atmosphere created by each track. The visual artist completes and compliments the work of both the producer, and vocalist.


The producer stands right alongside the vocal artist in the spotlight at NextWave. We realize the importance of perfecting the atmosphere for the vocal artist. No track is even started without the producer spending hours perfecting the canvas that is each and every instrumental.

Vocal Artists

Our vocal artists are redefining genres as well as executing the aesthetic created by both the visual artists and producers. The vocal artist completes the picture on the canvas laid out by the producer.  Not afraid of the spotlight our artists command crowds and audiences creating an environment for people to enjoy each project.

What is a Collective

At NextWave, we pride ourselves on providing a platform for artists to excel. As a collective, we provide resources for artists of all work to connect and collaborate. As a Collective, we do not restrict the artist and do not claim to be a group. This allows each artist to have their own career, and image, while still having access to the resources of a group.

NextWave provides access to all kinds of platforms and marketing tactics. Content is king, and we strive to perfect our sound and image for each artist, however nowadays one must also focus on building an audience and presence on different platforms. At NextWave we perfect blowing up.

NextWave provides access to professional audio engineers with degrees in the field, as well as other growing artists, and brand managers. Connect with a group and different people vital for an artist.

Reach out to professionals in fields you may not understand. Grow as an artist connecting with people who do every day what you are striving to reach. Continue on your path to success connecting with other artists who have more experience, and can help you achieve your dreams.